30+ Enchanting Lighting Design Ideas For Modern Kitchen To Try Asap

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These days, kitchens are used for a wide variety of functions. Adding task lighting will highlight a specific area, making it more usable and flexible. Kitchen work areas, such as countertops, the sink and the stovetop, are easier to use with additional lighting. Eating areas, like the kitchen table or a breakfast bar, can be turned into a defined, intimate space within a larger room with well-placed lighting. Dark spaces in corners and beneath wall cabinets can easily be brightened with either under cabinet lighting or, with glass-fronted doors, within the cabinet itself.

Depending on the layout of the room and which areas you wish to highlight, a wide selection of task lighting options are available. Mini pendant lights can create both additional lighting and a design element when used for a countertop or kitchen island. Under cabinet lights make dark corners more usable throughout the kitchen, and usually function best when the fixture is pulled to the front of the cabinet edge, so the light is hitting the center of the countertop.

Creating variable task lighting with a dimmer switch is also effective, giving you the option of high light levels while working and a softer, warmer feel with the touch of a switch. This can be especially effective in smaller kitchens, where there isn’t room for additional task lighting fixtures.Let your kitchen lighting be both functional and beautiful. Whether formal or casual, traditional or modern, an element of design can be added with an eye-catching, artistic fixture.

A distinctive chandelier, colorful glass shades or a wrought iron fixture adds a designer flair and creates added interest to an otherwise ordinary room.You may also wish to highlight the decorative architectural features of your kitchen design with lighting, such as a handmade tile backsplash, granite countertops or well-crafted cabinetry details. Kitchen lighting can also focus attention on items you wish to display, such as handmade pottery, a collection of blown glass or the paintings and photographs hung on the walls.

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