30+ Fascinating Apartment Design Ideas With Beauty Christmas Decor

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One popular décor for tables are candles. Candles on one’s tabletop or table study may look good, but be careful when you light them up. This month, firefighters are warning people about the dangers of fire accidents due to candles. For instance, the firemen of West Yorkshire have reported that they have dealt with more fires during December, compared with the rest of the year. As a precautionary measure, the following are some tips to ensure that your house and your family are safe.

It is always wise to use candleholders to place your candles. Besides the stability that it provides, it also keeps candles away from the playing hands of small children.Never entrust to children or leave a child’s bed with a candle burning. Children are poor decision makers, and even with their best intentions, one can never be sure what children would do when they play with fire.

Candles should be kept away from flammable objects such as curtains, wood, cardboard or paper. As a rule, they should be at least three feet below any hanging objects, and candles placed beside each other should be at least four inches apart. This especially applies when candles are near any festive Christmas decorations. A burning candle flame should not be near electrical devices.

When moving candles from one place to another, put out the flame first. You never know when tripping accidents can happen when you are carrying a lighted up candle. Now that could prove to be disastrous.Never, ever leave a lighted candle unattended or away from sight. Even when you have placed it in a safe location or in a durable candleholder, unattended lighted candles are one of the major causes of house fires. Even during blackouts, just before sleeping, always remember to put out the candles.

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