20+ Extraordinary Front Yard Fence Design Ideas With Wood Material For Small House

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Wood panels are both economical and able to meet a wide variety of fencing needs. For example, a white picket fence can add a warm, rustic charm to your front yard. Tall, closely spaced panels can provide privacy and secure the yard for pets or children. However, wood requires some maintenance, such as painting, staining, or otherwise sealing it from the weather. Additionally, wood fencing is susceptible to insect damage. Over time, the wood will rot and require replacement.

Vinyl is stronger and more durable than wood, but it is often just as attractive. It offers much more visual appeal than chain link. Moreover, when compared to wood, it will maintain its appearance for many more years and does not need to be refinished. A simple wash every now and then will keep it looking its best. Because vinyl panels are available in many different styles, almost any fencing need can be met. Slats can be widely spaced to secure the yard or closely spaced to provide privacy. Shorter, decorative panels with widely spaced slats can be installed, creating a charming picket design. However, vinyl may fade over time in extreme weather conditions. It also costs more than wood and, if it ever needs repairs, will require the attention of a professional.

For security and beauty, wrought iron is unbeatable. However, due to its open design, it is not particularly useful at providing privacy. It is much stronger than vinyl or wood and is not easy to climb, making it ideal for deterring intruders. Wrought iron can be crafted into an array of shapes to create a fence of any style, from exquisite and stately to charming and rustic. However, wrought iron is more expensive than any other material. It also requires more maintenance than most other materials; it must be painted every few years, or it will eventually rust.

Aluminum is an attractive option that is more economical than wrought iron. It is very durable, will not rust, and, unlike wrought iron or wood, will not need refinishing every few years. It also comes pre-manufactured into many different styles. Most styles are tall and topped with spears, making them a greater deterrent to intruders than wood or chain link.

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