30+ Favored Halloween Diy Pallet Outdoor Decor Ideas To Inspire You

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Redwood is a durable hardwood, grown on the west coast of North America (the Coast redwood) and in China (the Dawn redwood.) Redwood is straight-grained with a reddish color, and has a high resistance to termites and rot. Treated properly, it can last more than 25 years.Cedar is a North American softwood, light in color and naturally splinter free. It resists insects, mold, mildew and decay, and it weathers well. With proper care, it can last 25 years. Since cedar is a quick grower, it’s a resource that renews relatively rapidly.Teak is perhaps the most coveted of outdoor furniture woods and with good reason.

It’s a honey brown hardwood that is highly resistant to rot and decay and will last 50 years or longer, even if left outdoors year-round. Teak is now harvested primarily from plantations in Southeast Asia. Dwindling stocks and high consumer demand have combined to make the price of teak soar.Jarrah, which is reddish or pinkish, is harvested in Australia from government-managed forests to ensure reforestation.Shorea, grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, is stronger and heavier than teak but because of the large quantity available, is usually priced lower.

Both jarrah wood and shorea will last up for up to 50 years.Roble is a golden, relatively lightweight hardwood harvested mainly from dry tropical forests in South America. It will last up to 25 years.Tropical eucalyptus is a native of Australia and is prized for its resistance to rot and handsome look. It also will last decades.Pine is an affordable softwood that is harvested in many varieties from various parts of the world, but especially from American forests. All are yellow color with brown knots and are excellent for staining.

Pressure-treated pine will last for 20 years but untreated, pine has low rot-resistance. It should be painted, stained or sealed and stored indoors during the winter.Willow, cypress, alder and other trees with pliable branches are used for bent-twig furniture. Willow is especially renewable as when it is cut, two or more shoots will grow out of the stump of the cut piece. Harvested properly, willow will continue to grow cutting after cutting.

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