30+ Newest Green Grass Design Ideas For Front Yard Garden

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The American lawn is dominated by short green grass. Billions are spent each year on mowers, lawn equipment, fertilizers, water, and other products and chemicals to get a lawn that is green as long as possible throughout the year. Many man hours are spent on this process as well. Is this really the most logical use front and backyards?

Many times the grasses grown are not native the area. This means that under normal conditions, the grass in that temperature and climate will not grow properly and will die out. This means that outside sources like extra water and fertilizers in the form of chemicals are needed to make something that is not designed to grow in an area grow. The costs not only financial and environmental are extreme to get this luxury of having a certain non-native grass grow properly.

Logically having a local grass that would grow well in the area’s natural climate without extra need for water and fertilizers make more sense. While these grasses might not necessarily be the short green grass look with the texture that is said to be the most beautiful, they would grow much better.

Besides grasses, there are so many more useful additions to a yard. One could have fruit and nut trees that provide a real benefit. There could be gardens that grow things that would be purchased at a store anyway. Bushes with berries could be a benefit to the area. There are thousands of positive uses for land that most of the time are overlooked because the norm is short green grass.

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