20+ Beautiful Dorm Room Organization Ideas To Try Asap

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Floor space is extremely limited in a dorm room. Your bed and desk will take up most of the available space. In order to make room for all your other essential items, you’ll have to get creative. Make use of your wall space. Installing floating shelves gives you ample space to store books, a laptop, media players and toiletries. Instead of table lamps, install wall lamps to free-up desk or table space. Hanging a cork board is a great way to display pictures and gives you an extra place to pin your class schedule, notes and memos.

Free your tiny closet space by using hooks on the walls to hang your jackets, towels, purses and backpack. Many hooks now come with a sticky-back, so you won’t damage the walls by drilling or screwing in hooks.A great way to gain valuable floor space is to use bed risers. Bed risers can lift the bed off the ground several inches giving you space to fit several storage boxes. From wood to plastic to wicker, the selection of under-bed box options is vast. For even more space, purchase vacuum seal bags to store bulky jackets when they are not in use.

Use a double-hang closet rod to maximize your closet space. Double-hang rods give you double the space – two rods to hang your clothes. Most rods are completely adjustable to fit into any closet and some can hold up to 40 pounds.Shoe organizers are a great way to corral all of your shoes and keep them organized in one space. Shoe organizers come in different sizes and styles. Hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your closet door or putting one under your bed will free-up valuable closet space and get all of your shoes off the floor.

With a busy class schedule and all your extra-curricular activities you’ll be very busy. Cut your cleaning time in half by choosing machine washable fabrics for curtains, rugs, and bedspreads. Avoid fabrics that are difficult to clean or require professional cleaning.Over the years we have earned our clients’ trust. With a reputation for providing professional, reliable maid services that are also affordable, we are also committed to protecting your homes and our earth by using products and methods that are green for the planet and safe for your family.

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