30+ Rustic Garden Path Design Ideas To Copy Asap

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One may argue that garden design is perceived as the work of experts, landscape architects, landscape designers, garden designers, and landscape contractors. Yet research proves that some of the most beautiful gardens in the world were not designed by experts. It’s also argued that a lot of thought should be put into the humble garden path, after all a well designed garden path will showcase your garden to its best advantage. The garden path should take you along a beautiful and approachable route. A path is an entry point to a garden and encourages visitors to follow it to experience the surroundings.

First of all think about the mood you want to set on the path that leads people from the street to your front door. This is where you can begin to show your individuality and style; do you want your garden to have a formal or informal look? Think about how you would like someone to view and move through your garden.

Paths are one way to connect some of the various places in the garden to achieve a sense of order and cohesiveness. The hardest part for most people is to trust in their own intuition and you need to constantly experiment till you get your own unique garden design. You need to make sure that you have a logical progression from one area to the next to get a pleasing and satisfactory result.

Another primary path to take into consideration is from your back door to your back yard. You may have separate paths leading off to different areas such as a fountain in the middle of a lush green lawn, a secluded corner where you can sit under a shade tree and read a book or even to the vegetable plot. It’s a good idea to have any paths that lead off the main path slightly narrower in size. Careful planning, along with a sensitive touch, good insight and the ability to experiment are not the exclusive rights of a garden design expert.

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