30+ Pretty Summer Wreaths Decor Ideas That Looks Cool

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Swags and wreaths are often used as holiday décor but you needn’t put them away for the rest of the year. Typically we think of pine needles and red bows, but swags and wreaths not only come in many spring, summer, and fall colors, they are very purposeful year-round décor for the front door, the family room fire place mantle, and a host of other locations.

Are made to last in most environments including high humidity or dry climates and in hot or cold conditions. Advanced manufacturing processes and synthetic materials along with UV and other special coatings mean that they will provide years of lasting beauty without degradation. Hypoallergenic and low or no maintenance are additional benefits of artificial swags and wreaths. Most high quality swags and wreaths look extremely lifelike and will provide years of beautiful enjoyment. The use of artificial swags and wreaths is the recommended and best choice for longevity and lasting beauty.


Are made of live flowers that have been chemically preserved. Some preserving agents also add a boost of color to give the wreath a longer life and more vibrant colors. These swags and wreaths work best for people living in a dry climate as humidity often causes their artificially added color to run or their preservation to be compromised.Are made of flowers and leaves that have been dried either in a controlled environment or by exposure to natural sunlight. These swags and wreaths work best for people living in a humid climate. Without dense humidity, breakage and flower crumbling occurs quite easily.

There are lots of choices when it comes to using beautiful swags and wreaths for home décor and keeping them in season is easier than you might think. For a light, happy spring feel, look for swags and wreaths made with a combination of morning glory, petunias, eucalyptus, dainty ferns, hydrangea, daisies, peonies, or other brightly colored blooms. White magnolia swags and wreaths are lovely summer selections. If flowers aren’t what you prefer, consider some more earthy choices. Pine cones, wheat-head stalks, textured balls, variegated grasses, leaves, moss and feathers are popular things found on swags and wreaths. For a romantic, Victorian touch select swags and wreaths made of roses with berries, grapevine, ivy, eucalyptus, or small buds and blooms of other types of flowers.

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