30+ Lovely Summer Decorating Ideas For Front Porch

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The American front porch has held the monopoly on lucid memories for generations of families. The amount of greetings and partings; comings and goings; hugs and kisses that have taken place on the porches of our lives are as countless as the tears. The kitchen may be the heart of the home; but, the porch is the soul.

Porch sitting is the ultimate remedy to the strife, haste and harried life style of modern living. Although our porches are nearly iconic; they seem to be slowly receding from the substance of our lives. Homeowners are nearly clamoring for comfort, yet often overlook the obvious and abiding pleasures of the porch.

As a boy, the door between our kitchen and the screened porch, what my Mom called the “Summer Kitchen”, was opened and remained that way until deep into September and early October. For many of us our porches became an outdoor living room. It represented the ideal place for folks to spend hours sitting and talking with friends and family. So if the porch was such an important part of our lives, why has it started to disappear?

Over the years the use of the front porch has declined and now when we want to spend time outside where do we go? We head to the deck as opposed to the front porch; we shut ourselves away in the privacy of our own garden so we hardly know our neighbors and the quality time spent with friends and family is restricted to in front of the television or around the dinner table.

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