20+ Best Diy Summer Crafts Ideas For Kids To Try

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As an author of children’s books, myself, this project is a personal favorite. Sit down with your own little author and a few pages of paper, ten or so should do to start, and help him or her write and illustrate their own exciting adventure. The creative process is difficult to structure sometimes, especially with kids, but you can still helpfully guide them through the creation and, if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll give you a co-author credit on Amazon.

Of course, it takes more than a few scribbles and delightfully misspelled words to make a book. Once your kid is finished penning the next great American novel, it will doubtlessly deserve a cover. This final touch can be as exciting and easy a project as the rest of the book but gives it a “realness” that can’t be matched.

Take two pieces of cardboard the same size as your books (or maybe just a little larger for effect), and decorate them exactly as you would expect the front and back cover of a New York Bestseller to look. You can even encourage your kid to write a short bio for the back of the book: “Billy Myers is six years old and likes frogs and castles. He lives in Maine next door to Stephen King and the two play sandbox games together on Tuesday evenings.” Then add a barcode, price your book appropriately, and you’re ready for binding.

Use a hole punch to perforate the pages of the book as well as the cover in approximately the same place along the spine-side of the book. Use something appropriate and personal to tie the whole book together, maybe some twine or a shoelace, and secure the knot with a little glue if you don’t trust your knot-tying skills. For added effect, use something blunt to crease the cardboard right where it bends open.Before you know it you’ll have spent the whole afternoon making a priceless keepsake that you can file away and keep forever. Just be sure you negotiate ahead of time your percentage of the royalties for editing and representation.

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