20+ Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas For Couples On A Budget To Try

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Who wants to go to sleep, be passionate with your sweetie or wake up in a boring out dated master bed room. Lets face it, in this economy most of us are staying put in our homes and not going out as much as we used to. Many of us have decided not to move, but to redesign our homes and why not start with the master bed room. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room or bed in breakfast that you wish could be your home? Why not turn your room into that special place.

If you are going to really take the step and do something about your room, why not start with your walls. Darker, richer paint color can really do the trick. I have put together three room for you that all have fantastic wall color, from mood enhancing, to calming and even a little wild.

The first room the walls are painted in a luscious deep purple color, called Tropical Dusk 2117-40. This room would look fantastic if you added dark hard wood floors, and sheer cream draperies to the windows in a soft swag. A four poster bed with sheer fabric cascading between posts would add a soft romantic feel to the room. The bedding duvet should be in a rich velvet with many soft down pillows added for comfort. You can complete the room with a fantastic crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the room.

For a calmer more soothing atmosphere you can use a soft chillian 2135-50. This is a beautiful grey blue color that has a cool clean feel to it. White plantation shutter on your window and natural cream wool carpet with texture would add to the soothing romantic feel of the room. Your bedding can be soft and luxurious in white linens with textured pillows in the same blue tone. If you have room for a slipcover lounge in soft washed cotton that would add to the soft comfortableness of the room.

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