30+ Latest Home Patio Design With Hanging Plants

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Trying to plan out and landscape your entire outdoor patio can be difficult, but adding fountains can make it simply beautiful and bring things to life. Wall fountains take up very little space, meaning you have less to landscape while still offering an amazing outdoor patio design piece.

Hanging fountains can be used in a number of different settings, no matter how big or small. They come in all shapes, sizes and themes, so finding one that will fit your outdoor patio can be as easy as pie. The only problem is actually deciding on just one that you like, since there are hundreds to choose from that look amazing no matter where they are placed.

They can be found at local home improvement stores, garden stores and online retailers, so make sure you shop around before deciding on which fountain you will place in your patio. Hanging wall fountains look great in a number of different patio settings, ranging from a concrete sitting area to a luscious garden full of flowers and other plants. No matter what type of outdoor patio area you are setting up for, hanging fountains can always fit into the design.

If you are going for an outdoor patio design that will have a sitting area, you can use your wall fountains to border the sitting area. You could also set a standing concrete fountain in between four chairs, and it will become the center of almost every discussion. Make sure to go for a shorter fountain if you choose to place it in a sitting area, so everyone will be able to see one another and not have to talk over the fountain when engaged in discussion.

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