30+ Fascinating Living Room Design Ideas For Home 2019

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Billion and is projected to cross USD 35 Billion by 2019. However, 95% of this industry is completely unorganized and lacks transparency and professionalism. If a person wants to get his complete home designed it will probably cost him around 20-40% of the price he has paid to own the apartment or property. This is a huge amount and takes a lot of hard work and pain to earn this much of money.

But most people fall into the trap of unprofessional design consultants who make them regret their decision of getting their homes designed without doing proper homework. In today’s market, even a simple contractor has turned out to be an interior designer. And they are doing quite well because the price which they can quote for a project is way beyond the imagination of a professional.

A labour contractor generally hires an interior designer intern and gets the design done from him/her at a very nominal cost. However, due lack of experience and practicality, the intern ends up designing something which is not practically feasible and way beyond the scope of the contractor.

Finally, when the project is on the verge of completion you realize this is not what you wanted for your home. Again, the intern, the labour contractor and the client very rarely have a level of thinking that matches. To get your home designed you need somebody who can think, work and express in sync with you.

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