20+ Unusual Children Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Look Cool

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Creating a cute and comfortable bedroom for your little one involves more than just choosing the right childrens bedding. It’s all in the details.

Plain white walls are awfully boring. Spruce up your child’s room with a little paint and a youthful, fun wall border. Kids wallpaper borders come in a variety of designs and colors including everything from the Care Bears and Tonka Trucks to sports-themed wallpaper options. Look for a kids wallpaper border that matches your childrens bedding.Borders are a better option than wallpaper because they are easier and less expensive to replace once your child outgrows the design.

A kids rug lends a real since of coziness to any childrens bedroom, and it’s an essential if your child’s room has hard wood floors. Chose a cozy kids rug that compliments the color scheme and theme of the rest of the room. If the rug will be on hard wood floors, make sure to get a rug pad or grip to go underneath to prevent the rug from slipping.

If you really want to create the ultimate fun bedroom atmosphere, look for details like lighting and decorative knick knacks that coordinate with your child’s bedroom decorations. You can find all sorts of fun kid’s bedroom accessories online. Perhaps you can find a lamp that matches your daughter’s fairytale bedroom decorations or a cowboy height chart for your growing little guy.Most importantly, have fun with your child’s bedroom decorations. Make decorating the room a fun project for you and your son or daughter to work on together. Fun bedroom decorations also make great gifts!

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