20+ Brilliant Art Ideas For Bathroom To Try

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Decorating your bathroom? Great idea. Extend your home’s lovely décor with a beautiful bathroom. Select the color or design for your walls. Then carry that color scheme through to your shower curtain and towels. But the finishing touch, the addition that will make your bathroom a showpiece, should be framed art prints!

If your bathroom has walls, (which, of course, it does), then it has room for artwork. Even though the spaces might be small, you can still find art for bathroom areas that will fit and also complement your bathroom décor.

Art prints are extremely affordable, and they can be custom framed to taste. You’ll discover it’s easy to choose pictures that coordinate with the color, look and size of your bathroom.Start by measuring the space you plan to fill. Get some basic dimensions. Determine whether you should look for pictures that are square or have a horizontal or vertical orientation.

If you have a blank wall with plenty of space, you probably don’t want to use a single big picture as you might in a dining room or living room. The difference is that in a bathroom you won’t have sufficient room to stand back and admire it. You’re better off with a collection of two or three small pictures, and it’s best if they have some connection to each other, such as having been painted by the same artist or with the same color scheme.


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