30+ Pretty Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Located right on the edge of the 80-mile long Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is known for some of the most spectacular landscape in Canada. Home to some renowned world-class wineries and orchards, it is also a large city offering an array of gourmet dining, excellent shopping and a thriving cultural community. Kelowna is also a popular destination for holidays of all seasons since the city experience all four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.

There is always something for someone to do here in Kelowna.For me, it’s an enjoyable drive around the residential areas of the city where you get to take in the sights of beautifully landscaped homes, big or small. No wonder the Kelowna real estate industry still shows excellent results in housing despite the not-so-favorable market conditions.

If my finances are of no constraint, I think I would be easily tempted into investing in one, just by admiring all the beautiful Kelowna front yard landscaping. Every home is so tastefully landscaped with their individualistic designs.

The yard is normally not the area considered for relaxing or entertaining. However, front yard landscaping is one good idea to add value to the home. Backyard landscaping may be for the purpose to provide for privacy but the front yard landscaping is the opposite. It’s like a testament to your personality to the world outside. It also provides a sense of invitation for anyone who steps right in front of the yard.


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