20+ Stunning Diy Cinder Block Ideas For Outdoor Space

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Before you commit to a specific outdoor fireplace plan and design, do some thinking about what you ultimately want it to look like. Certain outdoor fireplace styles may look better finished a specific way than other styles.For instance, a fireplace design with a lot of features such as curves, a large hearth, shelving, lighting, etc… may look very nice when finished a particular way, whereas the same finish may not look as good on a simply designed fireplace without all the additional features.

So many products, both natural and synthetic, are available today that look great on outdoor fireplaces. If you plan on implementing tile on your fireplace project, think about the boldness and size of the tile when compared to the size of your structure. A massive fireplace may demand that an 18×18 inch tile be used, and at the same time a smaller scale fireplace may be dwarfed by such a large tile. Many tile designs can be purchased in different sizes whether it’s 6×6 inches, 12×12 inches, and even rectangular shapes.

A very sophisticated look some home owners are choosing to finish their fireplaces with is decorative brick or a brick veneer. This gives the appearance of an indoor fireplace and provides an elegant and rich look. Another veneer many fireplaces are covered with is faux stone. It is truly amazing at how real faux stone can appear. Today’s leaders in faux stone manufacturing are perfecting their methods to a point that some faux stone can’t be distinguished from the real thing without a very close examination. Dozens of different colors, sizes, and textures are available. This material is generally purchased by the square foot and the complexity of the design will dictate the cost. Unlike real stone, faux stone has a flat backside like tile that allows it to be easily adhered to your structure. Then, like tile, a grout can be used to fill gaps and extra space. You can very easily achieve a realistic look.

Stucco is widely used on outdoor fireplaces as well due to its hardiness, simplicity of application, and cost. Stucco can be finished in many textures and can be applied directly to the surface of your block structure. Many construction blemishes such as gaps can instantly be a memory when stucco is correctly used. The beauty of stucco is that it can be painted and touched up when needed. With just a change in color, your fireplace could look completely different and certain design features may stand out that weren’t noticed prior.


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