30+ Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas For You

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Who is in the believe the bathroom is rather an unimportant room and doesn’t need any decorations, is definitely thinking wrong. The bathroom is one, if not even that busiest room in a home but should also be a room for you to find relaxation and relief from the daily stress. You probably will agree with me, nothing is more relaxing than having a nice bubble bath in a bathtub filled with cozy warm water. The use of bath salts and filling the air of the room with the aromatic scent of fragrances will improve this relaxation experience even more.

Doesn’t that sound good so far? But you also will have to agree with me, the bubble bath can’t be all that converts a bathroom into a personal wellness oasis if the walls are dull and there is nothing else that adds a special touch. The use of decor and decorative accents, the selection of the right furniture, wall shelves and cabinets, bathroom rugs or shower curtains is, what will give the room that special touch.

The right decor and furnishings but also the lighting are as important to make you feel cozy and comfortable in your bathroom. Furniture pieces, like wall mounted cabinets, where you can store towels, wash cloths but furthermore even cosmetic accessories and tools are same as important as mirrors, decorative towel holders, eventually even a nice corner rack or corner wall shelf. A smaller cabinet, used as a medicine cabinet, could be added to your bathroom as well. It would make a good place for you to store your First Aid Kit for any emergencies and any other medication, so it always will be handy and can be found quickly by everyone in your household.

Not all bathrooms are big enough for the installation of a big vanity. But this doesn’t mean you couldn’t keep things like the daily used cosmetic accessories, tooth brush holders and tooth paste or shavers and razors neatly organized and still handy. The installation of a decorative wall shelf or wall console right above the sink can help to keep everything organized and in place. A lot of home and garden decor stores offer a wide selection of bathroom decor sets in different designs and styles, they will help dressing up a bathroom. A nice looking Bath & Body Gift Set Basket is always an eye catcher and will make a great decoration piece


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