20+ Cool Light European Style For Interior Home Ideas

1 min read

Furnishing your home with hip and inspiring furniture doesn’t usually come off as an easy task. However, once you have a particular style of theme in mind, it won’t be as hard as you thought in the beginning. For those who are interested in achieving a traditional motif, finding suitable furniture for your decorative needs can be a piece of cake. Today, we’ll go ahead and touch base on finding ideal living room furniture that will fit your personal style.

Let’s start with the basics: you know for sure that you’ll need a coffee table, sofa and optional matching loveseat, and at least one end table. Other miscellaneous home accessories such as a console table, media console or television armoire can be discussed about later. The essentials are what we’re going to talk about for now.

If you’re thinking of trying to achieve that grand European or 17th century traditional feel for your living room, consider looking at coffee tables and end tables or side tables that include ornate Chippendale-styled legs and other delicate filigrees and details. Visual embellishments in gold paint on mahogany wood are also appreciate elements that will simply light up your home in richness.

As for looking for a traditional European styled sofa, think Louis the XIV; in other words, think Baroque style furniture. Despite what you may already know about sofas and loveseats, it’s most likely modern and you’re looking to go for the traditional look. With that said, take a look at elaborately styled seats that feature a wooden frame with curved legs and feet. Mahogany is most likely what you’ll find on the market, but if you find a sofa in a light finish it’ll make your living room all the more inviting since too much dark wood may darken up a room. To ensure that your sofa alludes a sense of sophisticated fashion, go for sofas that include floral or fleur-de-lis prints.