30+ Best Ideas To Update The Porch And Patio

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Many homeowners are faced with the decision to remodel at some point. After living in a home for a few years or buying older home, sometimes you want to update or add your own contemporary style to existing living spaces. Oftentimes remodeling projects start indoors, but what about that old outdated patio? A quick and easy touch of flair is easily added with the installation of new ceiling and lighting fixtures.

Patios or porches may conjure up thoughts of warm summer days, easy living, and mint juleps. This is the very essence of what is called Old Southern Charm. While easily reminiscent of Gone With The Wind, sometimes this is not exactly the look that homeowners are going for.

Easy living sounds great, but patio decor that dates back to antebellum times? Instead, rest assured that you can have your Southern and modern style all wrapped together by including contemporary outdoor ceiling fans in your patio redesign project.

Contemporary styles include sleek designs fit for modern dwellings. One of the most common features are ceiling fans in metallic finishes. One of the advantages of a wide array of contemporary designs means that these fans are especially designed for aesthetic appeal and function. Outdoor ceiling fans typically include galvanized motors equipped to run smoothly in damp or wet outdoor conditions where indoor models would quickly deteriorate. These lighting fixtures often feature larger blades designed to circulate air more effectively and keep you cool all at the same time.