20+ Amazing Ideas Use Chalkboard Paint On A Kitchen

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Chalkboard paint is a hot item right now. The stuff brushes on like regular paint, but once dry, it works just like a chalkboard. Some people even use magnetic paint as a base coat so that the faux-chalkboard operates more like a real one.The design magazines are full of beautiful kitchens that make good use of chalkboard surfaces on walls, counters, and even appliances. This guide will focus on three of our favorite ways to use it in the kitchen so that your unique modifications will turn out just as useful as they are beautiful

Apply the paint to the refrigerator, the face of a cabinet, or perhaps on the inside of your pantry door – wherever you are most likely to be standing when you realize that you have run out of a very important ingredient. Use your new chalkboard to keep an ongoing grocery list. Take a picture of the list with your cellphone and take it to the supermarket with you.

You can use cute stencils to apply this specialty paint to your favorite glass or ceramic storage jars. This is a great way to keep track of dry goods when your stock rotates by season. Apply paint to a small portion (just enough for the name and date of the contents) or cover the entire thing. There are no rules for something as fun as chalkboard paint! Don’t forget that chalkboard paint comes in just about every color under the sun, so you’re not stuck with just the traditional black or green.

This is the first idea we ever had after discovering the joys of chalkboard paint. Simply create your chalkboard between a pair of windows, on a small wall, or even make a border near the ceiling. The options are limitless – the placement doesn’t even have to be convenient, as long as you don’t plan to make constant changes. Use chalk markers instead of regular pieces of chalk to create a stunning graphic mural right on your kitchen wall.Did we mention that we love chalkboard paint? It’s a simple, effective way to give your kitchen some quirky character. Just make sure to invest in dust-free chalk (teachers swear by it) to keep the dust off your food and dishes – after all, the kitchen chalkboard is all about functionality and convenience.