30+ Stunning Backyard Aquarium Ideas

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Fish tank owners enjoy decorating their tank as much as picking out fish. Free aquarium backgrounds such as those listed below can help you design a fish tank worthy of your efforts without the high costs of purchased backdrops. With a bit of ingenuity and effort, these free aquarium backgrounds will be ready to use in no time.

Use a variety of paper as an aquarium background for a quick and easy decoration. You can use plain colored paper in blue, black, or any other shade, or take a little more time to paint or draw an aquatic scene on the paper before applying it to the fish tank back. Another quick and easy option is to use aluminum foil.

Create a quick aquarium backdrop with spray adhesive and a couple of pieces of cardboard and found materials. Take a walk in your backyard or local park and pick up some very small rocks, pebbles, gravel, or even sand. Wash it and let it dry when you get home, and then construct a realistic fish tank rear wall. Spray sturdy cardboard with the glue and simply stick the rocks and gravel to it.

A simple fish tank backdrop can be created with plastic or silk aquarium plants you no longer wish to use in your tank itself. Use aquarium grade silicon adhesive to attach the fronds of the plant to the back wall of the aquarium, or a piece of clean plexiglass or acrylic. This plant covered sheet, when dry, should slide into the back of the aquarium and attached securely to the glass so no fish can sneak behind it.